About Gujarat Science Academy

Gujarat Science Academy (GSA) was established in 1978. It is an academy of leading scientists in Gujarat from various disciplines including education, physical and life sciences, broad spectrum of engineering sciences, environmental sciences as well as industries and technology areas. Its activities address a wide spectrum of academic and societal issues with an emphasis on the promotion and development of science. At present time the Academy has more than 257 Fellows and 13 Associate members from various disciplines. A special committee appointed by the Executive Council of the Academy carries out the selection of Fellows and Associate Members.

Aims and Objective

  1. To promote understanding of science and its methodology in society and to create public awareness 
    concerning the interaction of science and society.
  2. To contribute to the development and planning of science and technology in Gujarat
  3. To review and improve science and technical education at all levels.
  4. To promote studies and research projects concerning applications of science and technology to rural development.
  5. To bring an understanding of science and its usage to the layman.
  6. To build public opinion on matters concerning interaction between science & society.

Ongoing Activities

  • Gujarat Science Congress
  • Higher Education in Science
    • Round Table discussion on “What ails science education in the Universities”
    • Survey of Research being carried out in various institutions for the past five years
    • Seminar on “What ails science education”
    • Preparation of Policy document for the state government
    • Proposal for Institute of Excellence in Science- integrated approach to teaching
    • Minaxi-Lalit Science Awards
    • Minaxi-Lalit Science Quiz
    • Motivational training for science faculty
    • Annual organization of the Gujarat Science Congress.
  • School Level
    • Vigyan Kasauti
    • Parichaya Pustikas at primary school level
    • Teacher training at primary school level
  • Suresh Thakore Memorial Lecture
  • Dr. Ajay Divetia Memorial Lecture
  • Seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions
  • Popular lectures in English and Gujarati on science
  • Prashna Manch for Students & general public on present day subjects of interest.
  • Publication of Science books in English & Gujarati, and publication of GSA Newsletter.

Vigyan Kasauti

The `Vigyan Kasauti` was an experiment in the field of testing with several innovations. The skills and abilities to be tested include recollection of science facts, observation powers, analysis and logical reasoning and deriving conclusions. It is an attempt to make the children aware of the fun and excitement of science and weaning them away from memorization. In fact this shift in the focus has potential to revolutionize not only science education but education in general in our schools. GSA organized the Kasauti for 8th standard all over Gujarat in which approximately 5000 students in 200 schools participated. The demonstrative effect was satisfactory. It is suggested that such a Kasauti should be conducted at all standards (i.e. from 7th standard onward).

Advanced B.Sc. (Physics) Programme

GSA conducted an advanced B.Sc (Physics) Programme in which scientists from various research Institutes of Ahmedabad gave supplementary and advanced lectures on various physics topics to a select group of college students from Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. The main goal was to improve their basic understanding in physics, expose them to the excitement and frontiers of physics research and thereby motivate them for a career in research. This year-long activity has now been converted into a six-week residential summer activity with a wider participation of students selected from all over Gujarat.

Future Activities

  • Vigyan Kasauti should be conducted at all standards (i.e. from 7th standard onwards).
  • Additional chapters are planned at other parts of Gujarat viz. Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara etc.
  • Residential summer activity with the wider partcipation of students selected from all over Gujarat in various disciplines of science.